Just so you know: Almost all the outrage, indignation and uproar you see is completely phony

canadafreepress.com | 7/19/2018 | Dan Calabrese
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You should know when people are putting on a show for you. And you should understand that this is what they’re doing most of the time.

Especially political people. And that includes the political media. The ability to express outrage and indignation over the latest whatever-it-is represents a valued art form, highly respected in the hallowed halls of power and influence. If you can pull it off and get people to buy it, you can move the needle of public opinion in the moment and nothing impresses the political class and its media stenographers more than that.

Show - Obligatory - Almost

And almost all of it is completely phony, for show, affected, scripted, insincere, obligatory. Almost all of it is nonsense.

You need to know this because it all happens for one of two purposes:

Business - President - Trump - Comments - Helsinki

This business with President Trump and his comments at the Helsinki press conference are a perfect example. American politicians are not seething with outrage that Russia “meddled” with our election. Russia has always tried to **** with our politics and they all know it. But in the current political climate, feigning outrage over this supposed abomination achieves the goal of putting Trump on the spot. Politicians go on television and vent their pseudo rage at Putin’s egregious sin and then demand that Trump express similar indignation. If he does not, they accuse him of “treason” or something similarly ridiculous.

This is all for show. They know Trump isn’t buying any of this, which is exactly why they’re play-acting their rage for you every day about it.

Republicans - Meddling - Nothing - Narrative - Stooge

Republicans are even worse. They are not outraged about the “meddling” either. They know it’s nothing. But they’re terrified because the current narrative has Trump as a Russian stooge for not caring about it (or worse, being in on it), so they have to run to the nearest TV...
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