Not Just Papa John: There Are All Kinds of Racists

Irreverin | 7/12/2018 | Staff
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A friend of mine witnessed an incident the other day. Some folks had car trouble and were stranded at a gas station. A man saw that they needed help, proceeded to go and fix their car for them, and then went on his way.

Aside from the all-around lovely moment of humanity, what she noticed was this: the family with the car trouble was African American. The man who fixed their car was driving a truck with a Trump bumper sticker. And a Confederate flag. So my friend wondered: did the man driving the truck recognize the cognitive dissonance of that moment?

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I’m going to go ahead and vote “nah.” Because he’s probably a nice guy. And there are lots of “nice” people out there who don’t know they are racists.

There’s all kinds of racism.

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Take, for instance, the overt racism of a giant pizza executive, dropping a racial expletive into a now-highly-publicized conference call. Whoops. Bad manners, bad PR. But Papa John doesn’t really care. America will be pissed for awhile and “boycott,” but eventually, the lure of that garlic butter will just be too enticing, and his bottom line won’t suffer. Even his “resignation” from the University of Louisville Board bears no real consequence. Besides, people who use such inflammatory remarks in a professional setting clearly do not care about other human beings, or their own public image. Self-declared racist. No shame.

Trouble is, it’s way too easy for the rest of the population to look at Papa John Schnatter and know beyond doubt that they are not that guy. They don’t use the N-word, they don’t walk around in a white hood with a burning cross … But. They might well be driving around with a Trump sticker and/or a Confederate Flag. And it’s all a matter of degrees.


Plenty of “nice...
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