How to Deal with the Tyrannical Teacher (Summer in the Republic 20)

Eidos | 6/24/2018 | Staff
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Work for a tyrant and if you survive, you learn a great deal, but at a cost. The tyrant has a plan, but it changes all the time. What does not change, whether it is Napoleon or the local boss man, is that the tyrant has a plan. The job of everyone else, citizen, worker, teacher, is to follow the plan or die, be terminated, go away.

What can be done with the tyrant?

Enemies - Hate - Tyrant - Bonhoeffer - Hitler

A Christian cannot hate the tyrant: we love our enemies, so hate is out. A Christian might kill a tyrant, think Bonhoeffer and Hitler, but the local tyrant is no Hitler and murder is generally out. How can we best resist the tyrant? Better: is there a way to resist the tyrant that has hope of winning him over to justice?

Plato’s great work, Republic, is about education and one soul that is educated, civilized, is a tyrant. There is hope, as Christianity proves and Plato’s philosophy affirms even for the worst of leaders if they will change. How can we encourage this change?

Republic - Teacher - Socrates - Progress - Student

In Republic, the great teacher Socrates is making progress with a difficult student, Polemarchus. Just as the conversation takes a promising turn, another teacher, a narcissistic attention grabber named Thrasymachus roars into action. He kills the good that is being done.

This the way of the tyrant educator: he is suave, until he is angry. He is avuncular until he starts firing everyone. He can tolerate mediocrities or syncophants, but let Socratic discourse begin with the danger that it will turn on his own ideas, and he is enraged. He must end it!

Leader - Plato - Thrasymachus - Money - Power

The tyranical leader, like Plato’s Thrasymachus, is into money and power. He will always strive to be The Boss and he will be well compensated for it. Plato called such men sophists and the “education”...
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