The Lord’s Work in the Lord’s Way: Against the Culture War

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One of the saddest consequences of the culture war is that it has managed to make people boring. The culture war has made us predictable, even if individual people are anything but. The libertarian online troll is in real life a curious person who asks the right question at the right time. A pastor whose only online life is announcing everyone else’s failures is approachable, and even gentle, in person. The progressive-sounding contrarian turns out to be one of the most gifted defenders of creedal orthodoxy.

People are surprising.


Ideologies are not.

And when people become ideologues, they become as predictable as their ideology.

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Regrettably, the culture wars that we have spent much of the past 35 years waging have tended to force people toward becoming ideologues. Conservative writers who were once interesting have become boring and tedious as their #OwnTheLibs mentality takes hold of their mind. Genuinely smart left wing writers lose all sense of proportion when it comes to talking carefully about religious conservatives.

Both strands allow a progressive narrative around liberation and oppression to define the agenda of the culture war. For the left, that narrative drives them toward an ever broadening conception of emancipation which, to date, encompasses transgenderism and, increasingly, plural marriage. Where this expansive definition of repression and the consequent desire to rebel against unchosen identity will end is unclear to me. That it will create greater social isolation as each of us becomes more and more lost in our individual self-made stories seems unquestionable.

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But on the right, this narrative has manifested in an increasing reluctance to set their own intellectual agenda. Instead, they opt to score points with the consumers of right-wing media by attempting to conserve whatever it is the progressives are today trying to emancipate. Thus the culture war traps us in an endless cycle of...
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