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The history of mass school shootings in the United States began August 1, 1966, when Charles Whitman killed 17 and wounded 31 at the University of Texas. No one saw it coming, except Whitman (as his diary and notes revealed). He had sought psychiatric help, but to no avail.

Ten years later, a janitor at Cal State Fullerton, killed two and wounded seven.

January - Girl - Adults - School - Children

January 1979, a 16-year-old girl, killed 2 adults and wounded 9 elementary school children, firing from her home across the street. Two months prior, her father refused to have her committed to a mental institution, ignoring the advice of a psychiatrist. Instead, he bought her the rifle for Christmas.

In 1984, two elementary school children were killed, 12 wounded, while coming outside for recess. Five years earlier, South L.A. police had arrested the perpetrator for making threats with a gun, from which he received a misdemeanor and probation, but no guns were confiscated.

Children - Bomb - Wyoming - Incidents

In 1986, 74 children were injured by a bomb (Wyoming) and 1988 had two multi-casualty incidents.

January 1989, a 24-year-old murdered 5 and wounded 32 elementary children in San Diego. This event resulted in the 1989 Assault Weapons Control Act.

Mass - Casualty - Events - Instability - Thread

Eight mass casualty events, from 1900 to 1989, with mental instability being the common thread. Then things began to accelerate (see chart: School Gun Firings per Decade).

Of the 36 major events, eleven (31 percent) were extreme (at least 10 victims).

Weapon - Hand - Guns - Percent - Percent

The primary weapon(s) were hand guns (75 percent) and 61 percent of these guns were stolen from a parent or relative.

Hate for a teacher or student was the only motive with a significant correlation across all events (55 percent). All but one event was planned well in advance.

Percent - Perpetrators - Issues - Time - Insane

Ninety-seven percent of the perpetrators had mental issues for quite some time; but psychologists rarely considered them insane (a worthless term, except for the...
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