America's Fifth Column Main Stream Media | 6/13/2018 | The Ignorant Fishermen
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In light of an ever charging turbulent world and America, many today are pondering who is America's greatest threat? Is it the Democratic Party? Republican Party? Socialism? Marxism? ISIS? Obama? Hillary? Trump? The ACLU? Pro Lifers? Pro Choicers? Christians? Immigration? Our 19 TRILLION national debt? Obama Care? Hollywood? The music industry? College institutions? The clueless mobs of 99 percent-ers? The Tea Party, Al-Qaeda? Islam? China? Terrorism? Peanut Butter? Well... indeed some of these are looming threats while some are very beneficial for a healthy society, but there is one demonic organization who exceeds all and is the engine behind one of Satan's lawless workings and has the EXPONENTIAL power to alter reality, change perception, mass market deception, slander and use half truths, execute euphemisms and use demonic euphemisms, scare, frighten, slander and destroy at will globally and nationally 24/7/365 (Eph. 2:1-2). Do you know who I'm talking about? It is none other than the American Main Stream Secular Media!

They are a highly organized complex dedicated, sold out to and passionate about promoting a lawless, secular world utopia (oxymoron) that despises REALITY, TRUTH, MORAL ABSOLUTES and ALMIGHTY GOD.

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The American Mainstream Media and Washington D.C. are dominated today by a Leftist, secular and godless mindset. That isn't any secret. Not even the unregenerate (unbelievers) will disagree with that. As Lucifer (Satan) controls more and more of the Media today - with these godless surrogates and talking heads - his agenda is moving along quite rapidly and increasing exponentially. Never in the history of this nation has the Main Stream Liberal Media pushed and supported a President’s leftist lawless agenda as this one we have today. These have used all of their efforts and countless media outlets to protected and defended Obama and his lawless secular agenda tooth and nail for the...
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