• | 1/28/2017 | Staff
    “There are signs that Allah will grant Islam victory in Europe – without swords, without guns, without conquests. The 50 million Muslims of Europe will turn...
    667 views Emzah92
  • | 1/26/2017 | Staff
    Why does holding an egg between two hands and pressing along its long axis make it almost impossible to break? Professor Marc Andre Meyers was first puzzled by this as a child growing up in Brazil.
    955 views ashb0101
  • Live Science | 1/28/2017 | Staff
    Muskrats are large rodents, and therefore are related to rats, mice, voles, gerbils, hamsters and lemmings. These aquatic animals look a lot like their relatives.
    505 views PinkPuffFairy
  • | 1/27/2017 | Staff
    What can we learn from where people buy their lottery tickets—and how much they spend? "City Digits: Local Lotto," a project from the Civic Data Design Lab at MIT, is exploring this question with...
    276 views DanRules394
  • | 1/28/2017 | Deborah Byrd
    Deborah Byrd created the EarthSky radio series in 1991 and in 1994. Today, she serves as Editor-in-Chief of this website. She has won a galaxy of awards from the broadcasting and...
    363 views Omnista
  • | 1/27/2017 | Staff
    Jeffrey Long and graduate student Kristen Colwell will use a custom-built device to analyze CO2 uptake from a simulated flue gas. More than two dozen samples can be analyzed at a time.
    696 views Mireille

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