• Live Science | 11/17/2016 | Staff
    Cersei Lannister, with the candlestick, in the throne room. Winter is coming, and it's a good time to plan cozy nights in with friends, complete with snacks, warm beverages and board games.
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  • | 11/17/2016 | Staff
    In all the arguments from AGW proponents, I have never seen their definition of the null hypothesis they are trying to disprove. Maybe I’m missing something. They need to disprove this correlation...
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  • | 11/17/2016 | Staff
    Voter satisfaction with democracy may have less to do with who actually wins an election and more to do with income inequality, or the gap between rich and poor, indicates a new study by Michigan...
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  • ScienceDaily | 11/15/2016 | Staff
    The term ferroptosis was first coined in 2012. It is derived from the Greek word ptosis, meaning "a fall," and ferrum, the Latin word for iron, and describes a form of regulated necrotic cell death...
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  • Popular Science | 11/17/2016 | Staff
    In 2013, 61,000 reindeer died of starvation on a remote peninsula in Siberia, upending the livelihoods of reindeer herders in the region. The vegetation that the reindeer usually eat was staring...
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  • ScienceDaily | 11/17/2016 | Staff
    The locomotor pattern consists of a highly controlled sequence of muscle contractions, which are controlled by neuronal circuits in the spinal cord and the brain. The research group of Prof.
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  • ScienceDaily | 11/17/2016 | Staff
    Methane-rich biogas is generated on farms, landfills and wastewater treatment plants in anaerobic digestion of biological material. Until now, the processing of such gas into biomethane has only...
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  • ScienceDaily | 11/17/2016 | Staff
    Researchers participating in a COST network have filed a patent on one potential treatment and plan to move forward with a view to clinical development. They also collaborated on a technique enabling...
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  • | 11/17/2016 | Staff
    Real-time genetic detailing of rice plants highlights the roles of different loci in response to salt stress during growth. Rice is a staple for more than half of the world's population, yet it is...
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  • ScienceDaily | 11/17/2016 | Staff
    Many parents know from their own experience that it is not always easy to comb children's hair. Yet with patience and nerves of steel, even the toughest of knots can usually be undone.
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  • Live Science | 11/17/2016 | Staff
    In the wake of Donald Trump’s unexpected victory, many questions have been raised about Facebook’s role in the promotion of inaccurate and highly partisan information during the presidential race...
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  • | 11/16/2016 | Bruce McClure
    Through even a modest telescope, the star Almach (Gamma Andromedae) appears as one of the finest double stars in all the heavens. EarthSky friend Scott MacNeill captured this shot with the aid of a...
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  • | 11/17/2016 | Staff
    Ever since we began sending crewed missions to the moon, people have been dreaming of the day when we might one day colonize it. Just imagine, a settlement on the lunar surface, where everyone...
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