• TechCrunch | 10/17/2017 | Jonathan Shieber
    The football ticket is about to go paperless. As part of a multi-year contract extension between The National Football League and Ticketmaster, the ticketing giant has said it will be selling the...
    235 views newusr01
  • | 10/17/2017 | Staff
    After the launch of a Soyuz 2 rocket scheduled for October 12 was postponed by two days, the carrier rocket yesterday docked with the ISS. On board: the Icarus board computer, the future brain of...
    185 views sally140353
  • | 10/17/2017 | Staff
    Climate change is putting many tropical high altitude beetles at risk of extinction, warn an international team of scientists. Research by the University of York, the Federal University of Rio de...
    133 views Les7799
  • Popular Science | 10/17/2017 | Staff
    If someone showed you a fidget spinner at the beginning of 2017, it would have seemed weird and exotic. By now, you—and the rest of the world—are sick of these little hunks of plastic and ball...
    332 views Aavy
  • | 10/17/2017 | Staff
    With warm, dry summers comes a deadly caveat for the western United States: wildfires. Scientists say the hot, dry climates found west of the Mississippi, along with decades of fire suppression...
    342 views dewby
  • | 10/17/2017 | Staff
    A University of Michigan doctoral student has logged two pieces of evidence that may support the existence of a planet that could be part of our solar system, beyond Neptune.
    503 views Matty123
  • ScienceDaily | 10/16/2017 | Staff
    Scientists from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) have done just that. In a paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, a team...
    334 views spiderMonkey
  • ScienceDaily | 10/16/2017 | Staff
    Drugs of abuse impact the ventral tegmental area (VTA) of the brain, which is rich in dopamine neurons. Using juvenile and adolescent mice, Jeffrey Edwards and colleagues investigated the effects of...
    162 views smilingbear
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