• Tim Challies | 10/20/2018 | Staff
    There is just one Kindle deal today, and it’s for a classic book that has just been republished in a nice new format. Now this is beautiful! “I had the privilege of watching the awe-inspiring,...
    915 views gracey
  • Parent Cue | 3/17/2011 | Kendra Fleming
    If you hide your eyes during the scary scene of a movie, are you brave? If you walk away from a smart aleck instead of punching them in the gut, are you standing up? If all the guys want to sneak out...
    1.8K views applekip
  • | 10/20/2018 | Staff
    Iconic Hollywood actress Shirley MacLaine caused outrage when she once asked if the Nazi Holocaust victims suffered because of their sins in past lives. "Karma" seems to give a reason as to why God...
    981 views Mireille
  • Parent Cue | 3/11/2011 | Carey Nieuwhof
    Did you ever think that perhaps the main thing standing between you and your dream is courage? Courage is the ingredient that helps us embrace risks that we’re otherwise unwilling to take, which is...
    1.2K views catcrazy24
  • Eidos | 10/20/2018 | Staff
    No grandchildren yet, and my children are grownups now, yet I have always loved picture books and board books. The illustrations and the simple wording in the best children’s books can teach adults...
    1.2K views gracey
  • Parent Cue | 3/7/2011 | Carey Nieuwhof
    I have never met anyone who has been over-encouraged. I mean, have you ever come along side someone and tried to lift their spirits only to have them say, “That’s enough.
    1.8K views erinmmarion
  • Parent Cue | 3/4/2011 | Carey Nieuwhof
    I’m not the most emotional guy. But emotions can play a powerful role in shaping our response to what’s happening around us, in us and in our families. Over the years I’ve appreciated that Chapin’s...
    1.5K views emily.funkymonkey
  • Parent Cue | 2/25/2011 | Carey Nieuwhof
    As a parent, you fight hard to find a family rhythm because what you make time for ultimately shapes what your child will value. In the first few years, parents fight hard to try to find a rhythm.
    1.5K views newisbetterthanace
  • Parent Cue | 2/23/2011 | Carey Nieuwhof
    One of the greatest adjustments I had to make in parenting happened when my kids soared past their tenth birthdays. It had to do with shifting rhythms, and I really found myself unprepared.
    377 views cindy95240
  • Mary DeMuth | 10/20/2018 | Staff
    and entangle yourself in a snare. Get Your Autumn Journal! Way - Pray - Every - Day - Show Now you can journal your way through the Pray Every Day Show! WOOT! This 92-day lined journal will take you...
    1.2K views liizu
  • Parent Cue | 2/21/2011 | Carey Nieuwhof
    What we do today matters, and Annie Dillard points out why: The tension is that often we have so many things to do that we cram our days with the urgent and miss the important.
    345 views DebraS
  • Parent Cue | 6/7/2010 | Reggie Joiner
    Most moms and dads are ready to fight the battle for their children’s safety and future as soon as they are born. Parents will buckle them into car seats that fit like plastic straitjackets,...
    538 views Claw987
  • (in)courage | 10/20/2018 | Staff
    I go to a convent once a month, if you can call it that. In reality, the ‘House of Prayer’ is a little Spanish style home tucked into a residential area near my kids’ school.
    292 views Cayley1561
  • Parent Cue | 9/23/2011 | Carey Nieuwhof
    You’ve been through it again in the last two months. A school year has begun, and you’ve likely played the “I can’t believe she’s in grade ______” looped tape in your head for at least a short season.
    808 views jster97
  • Parent Cue | 9/21/2011 | Dr. Kara Powell
    Dr. Kara Powell and the team at the Fuller Youth Institute have been working hard for the last six years to try to figure out how to help kids have long-term faith or “Sticky Faith”.
    916 views Les7799
  • Parent Cue | 9/6/2011 | Reggie Joiner
    Every year about this time, two professors from a small college in Wisconsin publish a “mindset” list to remind us that the entering college class has a completely different knowledge base than...
    447 views Emzah92
  • Jesus Creed | 10/20/2018 | Staff
    Hello from Dublin! Beth Allison Barr: Afternoon - Kavanaugh - Supreme - Court - Friends The same afternoon Kavanaugh was confirmed to the Supreme Court, one of my friends sent me a link to a...
    783 views k.collazi
  • Parent Cue | 8/23/2011 | Amy Fenton Lee
    Just seeing the word “schedule” may evoke feelings of anxiety for many parents. It’s a struggle to create, let alone maintain, a systematic routine for our household.
    216 views bungienet
  • @djchuang | 10/19/2018 | Staff
    What a shame that we can’t talk about our pains. It’s hard for anyone from whatever ethnic background to talk about their weaknesses and pains, it’s especially hard for Asians and Asian Americans.
    532 views tanikaki
  • Parent Cue | 5/31/2011 | Reggie Joiner
    that affects how I see myself. So I am stuck. Anything So I can do anything. While parents get confused. One No one is sure how to move ahead. Some leaders say those who work at building children’s...
    576 views boti
  • Parent Cue | 5/16/2011 | Kendra Fleming
    For some reason when my kids were little, I used think that I only had them until they turned 18. Like my job would suddenly end. When they were babies and I imagined the end, I imagined them...
    224 views Celtics2212
  • Parent Cue | 5/10/2011 | Reggie Joiner
    It’s hard for us to imagine the physical and emotional devastation one storm can cause. But just for a minute, consider a boy named Kenontai. He is only fourteen years old.
    748 views gracey_single
  • Parent Cue | 4/28/2011 | Kendra Fleming
    A while ago something painful happened to our family. It hurt. It was a betrayal. It was out of our control and it was someone else’s fault. It left our whole family reeling.
    758 views urbanagirl3
  • ChurchLeaders | 10/19/2018 | Staff
    We pray for all kinds of things in our lives—healing, strength in temptation, help with children—but have you ever asked God to help you in case of stupidity? When the Bible talks about stupidity,...
    400 views ziggy1023
  • Parent Cue | 4/22/2011 | Carey Nieuwhof
    It’s Good Friday–one of the most humbling, powerful and difficult days Christians observe. To think about the trial, torture and execution Jesus endured for humanity’s sake is truly astounding.
    306 views xhelloworld
  • Parent Cue | 3/7/2011 | Reggie Joiner
    In a pivotal moment in a movie most dads would probably rather not admit we’ve seen, the Prince of fictional Genovia has this advice for his daughter, the Princess (yes, as in Princess Diaries).
    170 views crazycool12
  • Parent Cue | 2/16/2011 | Kendra Fleming
    Carving out consistent one-on-one time with your kids is one of the best ways to stay in your child’s life. Your child wants a unique connection to you. They want to feel uniquely understood and...
    523 views Zorra
  • Parent Cue | 2/14/2011 | Kendra Fleming
    I tend to completely over estimate what I can get done. Some people call me a high capacity person, but honestly, I just have a hard time saying “no”. It’s a weakness that I have to pay attention to.
    154 views smnth28
  • Parent Cue | 2/11/2011 | Carey Nieuwhof
    So you want kindness to characterize your attitudes and actions, but how do you get there? We live in a fairly emotional age. We’ve coined terms like emotional eating and emotional spending.
    258 views gemini2323
  • Parent Cue | 2/9/2011 | Carey Nieuwhof
    I had an ‘aha’ moment a few years ago. It was many years in the making, so let me save you some years and frustration if I can. In fact, let’s share our collective wisdom and save us all some...
    163 views gracey_single
  • Parent Cue | 2/2/2011 | Carey Nieuwhof
    Sometimes you and I meet people who are right in what they say and believe. But they have a habit of being right in the wrong way. They’re angry, annoying and frustrating.
    165 views Arceus
  • Parent Cue | 1/31/2011 | Reggie Joiner
    Egypt is at a boiling point. The images of angry people, military, and police remind us how easy it is for things to get out of control. Last week at a basketball game in Charlotte, North Carolina,...
    256 views shuadah

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