• ChurchLeaders | 9/20/2018 | Staff
    Everyone loves a happy ending. If you follow this blog, you know I’m in a season of transition again. When I got to my previous church someone on the search team asked me to reflect on how best to...
    251 views JimmyJoe
  • | 9/20/2018 | Mark DeVries
    I’m just imagining the first followers of Jesus taking a “discipleship assessment” just after his death and resurrection. Would a single one of them make the grade as a “fully formed disciple” by...
    358 views Sugar12
  • Russell Moore | 9/19/2018 | Staff
    No matter how strong or influential we think we may be, our kindergarten class pictures can show us otherwise. When we look at the image of ourselves as that young boy or girl, we can almost...
    255 views marika
  • Phil Cooke | 9/20/2018 | Staff
    One of the obstacles to creative thinking our team at Cooke Pictures often encounters is “groupthink.” It happens when the team at a church, ministry, or nonprofit all thinks alike.
    105 views hoppers911
  • | 8/23/2018 | Staff
    With the creation of five new General Conference Compliance Review Committees on July 17, the General Conference Administrative Committee, known as ADCOM, set in motion a confusing situation that...
    258 views gabriella250
  • Fr. Z's Blog | 9/20/2018 | View all posts by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf →
    Today – the 20th day of the month – is one of this blog’s very lean days. There are only three people signed up to make monthly donations. Lot There are a lot of you out there who come often to read...
    219 views crazycool12
  • Blog & Mablog | 9/20/2018 | Douglas Wilson
    WHAT IT MEANS TO “GO FOR THE THROAT” SO WHO DOES HE LIKE? Content - Muster In "The Content Muster" In "The Content Muster" Content - Muster In "The Content Muster" Have'em Delivered.
    386 views leeann77
  • Red Letter Christians | 9/20/2018 | Bruce Wilkinson
    Mentioned in the Bible no fewer than 722 times, water blesses, sanctifies, and purifies in religion. Yet far too often in healthcare settings, it does not do so because medical staff lack the most...
    300 views marked
  • Church Stage Design Ideas | 9/20/2018 | Staff
    Luke Lissenberg from Centerpoint Church in Winnipeg, Manitoba brings us this Christmas design. This was a relatively cheap design. They cutout trees from plywood, supported by wooden 2×4...
    365 views Mireille
  • Fr. Z's Blog | 9/20/2018 | View all posts by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf →
    NBC news’ local affiliate had informative video interview with Card. Cupich of Chicago. Remember? He said that Francis has better things to do than investigate clerical abuse, like protect fish from...
    536 views jster97

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