• Eidos | 8/8/2016 | John Mark N. Reynolds
    When times get tough, the tough get tender or at least that is what they should do if they are Christians. We battle the times, we battle lies, but we always fundamentally love individuals.
    179 views ditranian
  • Jesus Creed | 8/10/2016 | Scot McKnight
    The author of this blog post is a missionary in North Africa with Pioneer Bible Translators. She, along with her husband and two little girls, lives on the outskirts of a refugee camp working to...
    254 views eymira
  • Eidos | 8/7/2016 | John Mark N. Reynolds
    Tranya? At some point in my childhood, Star Trek in reruns made “tranya” my favorite drink. While Diet Coke surpassed it in college, tranya remains the drink of dreams: good dreams.
    129 views moni
  • Jesus Creed | 8/10/2016 | Scot McKnight
    The most common question I get about about The King Jesus Gospel book is this one: How do we evangelize now? Friend - Day - Pastor - Book - Someone A friend the other day says to me, “I was talking...
    249 views moemajor
  • Eidos | 8/5/2016 | John Mark N. Reynolds
    We live in discouraging times . . . and the temptation is to give up. Instead, we must stop, think about it, and hear what God might say to us. I do not believe that traditional, orthodox Christians...
    380 views MonkeyBubble
  • Jesus Creed | 8/9/2016 | Scot McKnight
    Asking students to leave their devices at the door this is something I don’t feel that I have a right to do. Even when I think, even when I know, that it would be a good thing.
    267 views darkkazune
  • Ellen Painter Dollar | 5/3/2016 | Ellen Painter Dollar
    Two Sundays ago, the rector of my Episcopal church handed out cards we can use to invite someone to church. In explaining how to use the cards, he said we shouldn’t try to figure out to whom we...
    151 views emmymmile234567
  • Emergent Village | 6/19/2016 | Anita Brown
    A store clerk looked at my credit card last week and asked, “What does your name mean, Anita? It is so beautiful”. I responded that I once knew, but had forgotten… that I would google it.
    231 views rach-rach
  • Eidos | 8/4/2016 | John Mark N. Reynolds
    We have a marvelous, though imperfect, Constitution and unlike most politicians, the Constitution has gotten better with age. This document is so inspired and has worked so well for so long that a...
    408 views echolea
  • Jesus Creed | 8/9/2016 | RJS
    How can we hold a reasonable conversation on a controversial issue? There are many issues on which reasonable, dedicated, and devout Christians disagree. The form and intent of the Lord’s Supper...
    195 views hakimi308
  • Euangelion | 8/1/2016 | Michael F. Bird
    I’ve just finished reading Francis Watson’s new book The Fourfold Gospel: A Theological Reading of the New Testament Portraits of Jesus (Grand Rapids, MI: Baker, 2016), and the book closes with...
    280 views kring
  • Eidos | 8/3/2016 | John Mark N. Reynolds
    Hard times make for tough politics, but good times followed by not-great times create horrid politics. At the bottom, people are struggling to eat. Let things improve under a Louis XVI and...
    299 views ryanthecoolman
  • Jesus Creed | 8/9/2016 | Scot McKnight
    At the very heart of rethinking the meaning of gospel, which I do in The King Jesus Gospel: The Original Good News Revisited , is one central question: Is 1 Corinthians 15 the gospel or not? Chaser...
    137 views gemini2323
  • Emergent Village | 8/2/2016 | Leigh Finnegan
    O come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation! Let us come into his presence with thanksgiving;
let us make a joyful noise to him with songs of praise!
    167 views Traight
  • Jesus Creed | 8/8/2016 | Scot McKnight
    What is conversion? Maybe the better question is When is conversion? Do you think folks convert at a single moment or do you think it happens (for some) over time? Do you think it happens different...
    184 views Claw987
  • Emergent Village | 7/14/2016 | Janel Apps Ramsey
    This will sound so cliche. But, I’m just at a loss for words. +France and another attack. Just no words left. Hopeless - Despairing - World - Weeks - Words That doesn’t mean hopeless or despairing,...
    356 views Arceus
  • Jesus Creed | 8/7/2016 | Scot McKnight
    While Christianity may be on the decline in the United States, the world isbecoming more religious, not less. While rising numbers of “nones” — those who claim no religious affiliation when asked —...
    140 views liizu
  • Emergent Village | 7/17/2016 | Theresa Soto
    Have you ever cried so much that you run out of tears? The post I offered previous to this was about the splendid promise of grief. And, still, we are flooded by a tide of violence that does not...
    236 views hey13
  • Euangelion | 8/7/2016 | Michael F. Bird
    Ernest C. Lucas Proverbs Grand - Rapids - Eerdmans Grand Rapids, Eerdmans, 2015. Ernest C. Lucas is author of Exploring the Old Testament: A Guide to the Psalms & Wisdom Literature, and has...
    335 views Aavy
  • Eve Tushnet | 8/7/2016 | Eve Tushnet
    The Refugee Olympic Team (or #TeamRefugee) is the first time refugees have been represented at the Olympic Games. And by representing the 19 million refugees and asylum seekers displaced around the...
    411 views jster97
  • Jesus Creed | 8/6/2016 | Scot McKnight
    Flossing has quietly lost its place among recommendations for daily health, at least as prescribed in the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which are issued every five years by the U.S.
    226 views Fubu_chik
  • Emergent Village | 7/13/2016 | Ahnnalise Stevens Jennings
    In the halls of my Alma Mater, Wesley Theological Seminary, is a fresco called The Healing Spirit. It stretches the length of a tunnel that connects two buildings.
    215 views Mireille

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