• Fr. Z's Blog | 5/16/2017 | View all posts by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf →
    I was recently in Grand Rapids, MI at Sacred Heart parish. I observed there some impressive things which confirm other experiences I’ve had. First, what they have done with the school – rather,...
    474 views Pumpkinajn
  • Unsettled Christianity | 5/16/2017 | Toy Adams
    Anselm of Canterbury wrote two tracts that set out to demonstrate the existence of God. The first one is called Monologion, and the second, Proslogion. Often the Monologion is skipped over in its...
    345 views megzmegz123
  • Standing on my Head | 5/16/2017 | Fr. Dwight Longenecker
    After leading a parish pilgrimage to Italy and dealing with family and parish matters I have been very busy and not had time to blog very much. There has been nothing too dramatic, but the usual...
    287 views ajoy26
  • Desiring God | 1/30/2017 | John Piper
    Yes, Jesus reigns. Yes, the King and the kingdom have come. But, no, that is not good news. I get frankly very tired of people building their theologies around that as good news.
    397 views pixielilia
  • First Things | 5/16/2017 | Peter J. Leithart
    Despite its claims to the contrary, Patrick Deneen writes in a 2014 pieces in the American Conservative, “liberalism was never about ‘limited' government” or curbing absolutism.
    384 views tingting2000
  • | 5/16/2017 | Staff
    One of the things I am grateful for in our world today is the attention given to the loving nurture and care of children. We see more and more products being made, articles being written, and...
    326 views idkwatitis
  • Desiring God | 5/11/2017 | Staff
    In this lab, Pastor John reminds us that following Jesus isn’t about a Sunday morning commitment; it’s about carrying your cross every morning. As you read the word, remember the commandment of...
    511 views jesse456
  • The Aquila Report | 5/16/2017 | Staff
    In his rant, Fry omits and distorts much but his greatest omission is Jesus of Nazareth, who gives the lie to everything that Satan said and all that Fry repeated.
    186 views Goobee
  • Eidos | 5/16/2017 | John Mark N. Reynolds
    The Chopped Challenge has become part of our home vocabulary. If we get home late from The Saint Constantine School, the Reynolds family faces a cupboard full of odd ingredients.
    501 views blacky
  • | 5/15/2017 | Staff
    Too often, I hear from churches whose leader seems to have stopped leading. They want their leader to cast vision, raise up other leaders and press forward—but it’s just not happening.
    296 views donuzumaki
  • RevGalBlogPals | 5/16/2017 | Staff
    Calm me in my rush this morning as I pack and drive to and park at the airport. I know I’ll never be as adept of a traveler as George Clooney in Up in the Air. I pack too much because… well, I may...
    188 views chicana948
  • Youth Specialties | 5/16/2017 | Staff
    Let us not become discouraged from evangelism because of the weight of the gospel or the time it requires. Sharing the gospel, though it deserves our time effort and is of great value, should also...
    418 views Traight
  • Cranach | 5/16/2017 | Gene Veith
    The Pew Study of religious belief in former Communist countries that we blogged about recently cites a scholar who breaks down religious involvement into three factors: “Believing. Behaving.
    342 views Fubu_chik
  • Good Letters | 5/16/2017 | Image
    When I went to seminary, there was concern. Friends whispered. Had I gone rogue? Or worse: been “saved”? Would I suddenly start dropping things like washed in the blood into regular conversation?...
    290 views tiana_101
  • Tim Challies | 5/16/2017 | Staff
    Fasting is, by far, the least-appreciated and least-practiced spiritual discipline. There is a curious apathy about a discipline Jesus assumed his followers would practice.
    359 views rach-rach
  • First Things | 5/16/2017 | Peter J. Leithart
    In David's final speech (1 Chronicles 29), he offers a fivefold praise of God's perfections (v. 11): Yours is. . . He adds an expansive note (6. Yours is . . . everything in heaven and earth), and...
    147 views sally140353
  • Youth Specialties | 5/16/2017 | Staff
    This game is best played around Halloween. Before the game, cover the outsides of the hockey masks with the tape so that the sticky side is out and the players can’t see through the eye holes.
    205 views fufu-fefe
  • The Aquila Report | 5/16/2017 | Staff
    Professors do now spend much more time than they used to on tasks other than teaching, research and traditional service. But many will likely object to the idea that a voluntary workshop about...
    192 views dorkyrocker
  • Jesus Creed | 5/16/2017 | RJS
    How should we think about divine action? As Christians we believe in a personal God who acts in relationship with his creatures and to his creation. Christianity is theistic not deistic.
    541 views jollyjetta
  • First Things | 5/16/2017 | David T. Koyzis
    I may be somewhat out of step with my fellow Reformed Christians in acknowledging a certain affinity for St. Benedict and the way of life he represents. In my youth I made the chance discovery, via...
    296 views iVchan
  • Parent Cue | 5/16/2017 | Carlos Whittaker
    When my kids were younger, my wife used to go to the grocery store with our three toddlers. She would often joke that the cashier would give her a “certain look.” A look that she felt said . . .
    368 views DebraS
  • Godspace | 7/6/2016 | Staff
    Have you ever met someone from Christian history that has captured your imagination and has influenced your life? Like you, I too have had that experience. About seventeen years ago, while in...
    363 views MysticHeart

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