• Fr. Z's Blog | 5/21/2017 | View all posts by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf →
    "We as Catholics have not properly combated (the culture) because we have not been taught our Catholic Faith, especially in the depth needed to address these grave evils of our time.
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  • Anxious Bench | 5/21/2017 | Philip Jenkins
    Last night’s Dr. Who episode, “Extremis,” presented some vicious media stereotypes of Catholicism… well, no, not really.In one scene, the Dr.’s companion Bill (female) is attempting to seduce Penny,...
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  • | 5/21/2017 | Staff
    SHARE THIS: Fast Facts: Bethany Christian Fellowship is just three years old, but is a diverse—largely a Native American—congregation. It is located in the largest Native American community east of...
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  • Tim Challies | 5/21/2017 | Staff
    Sometimes God’s truth goes into your life like a quiet whisper. Sometimes it goes in like a hand grenade. Have you had one of those times? One day you hear a sermon, or you have a conversation with...
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  • Youth Specialties | 5/21/2017 | Staff
    Student ministry is one of the greatest callings within the church! Who would want to be in charge of buildings and grounds when you can plan a summer beach camp? Opportunities - Student - Ministry...
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  • Frank Viola | 5/21/2017 | Frank Viola
    In the book of Genesis we find in Eden no hint of technology, no mention of mechanical instruments. After the Fall, however, we read that among the sons of Cain there was a forger of cutting...
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  • Euangelion | 5/21/2017 | Michael F. Bird
    Here are my top ten volumes on Luke-Acts to put on your bookshelf or to assign to a class for a reading list. Adams, Sean A., and Michael Pahl (eds.). Issues in Luke-Acts: Selected Essays.
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  • The Aquila Report | 5/21/2017 | Staff
    This house of worship in central Seoul is one of the tens of thousands of small Protestant chapels across the country that are trying to lure believers away from South Korea’s megachurches.
    858 views Lord
  • The Aquila Report | 5/21/2017 | Staff
    In creation, we have the Spirit breathing His energy, releasing the power of God in the act of creation. We have the same thing in the act of redemption, and we see it again in the divine act of...
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  • (in)courage | 5/21/2017 | Alia Joy
    “Don’t ask me to leave you and turn back. Wherever you go, I will go; wherever you live, I will live. Your people will be my people, and your God will be my God.
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  • | 5/21/2017 | Staff
    For the last two thousand years the church has crystalized various summary statements about the Bible’s most important teachings into clear, short, and easy-to-memorize statements that outline the...
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  • The Bible and Culture | 5/21/2017 | Ben Witherington
    There are all manner of houses in the French Quarter from the squalid to the splendid, and some dating back to the Napoleonic era when America did not own the Louisiana Purchase.
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  • Jesus Creed | 5/21/2017 | Scot McKnight
    you have prepared for those who love you such good things as surpass our understanding: which exceed all that we can desire; God one God, for ever and ever. Amen....
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  • The Aquila Report | 5/21/2017 | Staff
    If there is any issue that may not be discussed, free speech is meaningless. The loss of free speech will not go away if such crucial issues of identity form an inviolable central core of those...
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  • Desiring God | 5/19/2017 | Ryan Shelton
    Christians often feel like they are on a tightrope between believing our sin is too small for us to confess or too big for God to overcome. But no matter how often we lose our balance on this...
    501 views Alenaaa
  • Desiring God | 5/19/2017 | Staff
    Do You Control Your Phone — Or Does Your Phone Control You? Within a few years of its unveiling, the smartphone had become part of us, fully integrated into the daily patterns of our lives.
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  • Blog & Mablog | 5/20/2017 | Douglas Wilson
    Marriage is one of the creation ordinances, and has been with us from the very beginning. We therefore ought not to be surprised to find a description of its origin in the book of beginnings, in the...
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    I get quite a few books for review. I can’t handle all of them, but this one, for sure, I will recommend even before I read it… and I will read it. This is timely.
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  • Blog & Mablog | 5/20/2017 | Douglas Wilson
    You are not here at the Table by yourself. Seated here with you are all the saints of God, throughout the world, and throughout history. We are called upon to discern the body, and not just the body...
    341 views finter
  • Blog & Mablog | 5/20/2017 | Douglas Wilson
    INTRODUCTION: In the message last week, we addressed the problem of how pride and a lack of self-reflection compounds the problem of cluttered relationships. In this message we are going to focus on...
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  • Blog & Mablog | 5/20/2017 | Douglas Wilson
    When we gather together like this, we are gathering as the people of liberty. But two other l’s are constantly beckoning—those of legalism and license. Having the history we do, we have little...
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