• A Contemplative Faith | 9/14/2016 | Carl McColman
    I’m happy to announce that my latest book — Christian Mystics: 108 Seers, Saints and Sages — has been published. The first printing has been delivered to my publisher’s warehouse, and they are now...
    122 views aka1
  • Religion News Service | 12/9/2016 | Kimberly Winston
    (RNS) Winter isn’t “coming,” it’s already here. With it comes the hope — if not the time — to curl up under the covers or by the fire and read a good book. Here are seven titles you won’t find on...
    158 views stefania
  • First Things | 10/14/2014 | Peter J. Leithart
    Andrew Pettegree (Reformation and the Culture of Persuasion, 201-2) describes the post-Reformation efforts to cultivate a sense of brotherhood and solidarity among Protestant Christians who had...
    474 views liizu
  • First Things | 10/9/2015 | Peter J. Leithart
    Andrew Pettegree (Reformation and the Culture of Persuasion) observes a shift in rhetorical tone in Protestant-Catholic debates between the early and mid sixteenth century: “While much of the...
    438 views angelinewinsor
  • Catholic and Enjoying It! | 12/9/2016 | Mark Shea
    Related posts from Catholic and Enjoying It!: Your shot at streaming Great Performances Show on "Hamilton" Point - Living What's the point in living... That's no spoon! Rod - Bennett - Wednesday -...
    285 views superdudea
  • Greg Boyd - ReKnew | 12/9/2016 | Staff
    Peter wrote, “[God] has given us … his precious and very great promises, so that through them … [we] may become participants of the divine nature” (2 Pet 1:4). With the coming of Christ, God has...
    244 views ridge-kh
  • Unsettled Christianity | 12/9/2016 | Joel L. Watts
    In the weakness of their waning ideologies, secular chauvinists have focused obsessively on how Christian teaching has changed over the years. They cannot get enough of the differences between...
    466 views Pumpkinajn
  • First Things | 11/5/2007 | Peter J. Leithart
    willing other.” I hesitate to comment. Commentary will be mere paraphrase, perhaps plagiarism. Still, ticking a few things I like: The need for prior receptivity, a willingness to find something...
    165 views Zorra
  • First Things | 6/13/2013 | Editors
    I've been immersed in Shakespeare's King Lear, but not solely as a text on a page. I'm acting in a production of the play here in New York City, playing the King of France and the Servant who stands...
    288 views taylorswift10
  • ChurchTechToday | 12/9/2016 | Lauren Hunter
    We all know and realize that most pastors and ministry staff operate on tight church and personal budgets. It’s just the reality of being in ministry. Expensive degrees and copious years of...
    495 views marisha
  • | 12/9/2016 | View all posts by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf →
    These days I get a lot of email asking me to explain what is going on in the Church today. The question is often accompanied by heart-felt, often heart-rending words of personal pain.
    470 views ajoy26
  • First Things | 10/27/2014 | Peter J. Leithart
    Thomas Fabisiak wonders, What does the New Jerusalem have to do with modernity? (Apocalypses in Context). Ask most modern philosophers, and the answer will be, Not much.
    329 views gracey
  • First Things | 2/23/2004 | John Finnis and Germain Grisez
    We invite readers’ attention to The Misuse of Amoris Laetitia To Support Errors against the Catholic Faith, a letter we have addressed “to the Supreme Pontiff Francis, to all bishops in communion...
    198 views PaMe
  • First Things | 7/16/2010 | Peter J. Leithart
    In a 2011 New Yorker profile of Norwegian chess champion Magnus Carlsen, D.T. Max digresses to explain the logic behind the Soviet interest in chess: “Lenin, an enthusiastic player, made the game a...
    299 views crazycool12
  • ChurchMag | 12/9/2016 | Eric Dye
    It’s been almost a month since I dropped a Snack Pack. Feels kind of weird! VR - FOR - CHURCHES - NEXT - GUTENBERG VR FOR CHURCHES: THE NEXT GUTENBERG MOMENT? What do you think? Are Are these bold?...
    172 views celticprincess1105
  • Church Stage Design Ideas | 12/9/2016 | Staff
    Porter Cyr from Real Life Church in Myrtle Beach, SC brings us this simple and soft stage design. Materials: Spent - Total - Materials - Lights - Fixture Spent $125 total on the materials (except...
    186 views adele2234
  • Blog & Mablog | 12/9/2016 | Douglas Wilson
    Have'em Delivered. Opt-in here and you'll receive a weekly digest of the thoughts and musings from yours truly that wend their way into blog posts. In addition, from time to time, you should also...
    336 views catcrazy24
  • First Things | 7/2/2012 | Peter J. Leithart
    Karl Shuve's contribution to Apocalypses in Context traces the Christian use of Jewish apocalyptic, especially of the Book of the Watchers from 1 Enoch, which even makes it into the universal canon...
    374 views ditranian
  • Desiring God | 12/9/2016 | John Piper
    Calvinists embrace the biblical teaching called unconditional election, that God sovereignly chooses, and takes the decisive initiative, to save unworthy sinners for his own glory.
    375 views PaMe
  • ChurchMag | 12/9/2016 | Phil Schneider
    Beginning today, the prices for our Plus and Premium tiers will change for new subscriptions, and access from Evernote Basic accounts will be limited to two devices.
    422 views eymira
  • The Blazing Center | 12/9/2016 | Staff
    He was just terrible. I finally made it to one of my son’s first soccer games ever. My wife Jenn had tried to warn me that really the goal today was just to see if he could stay on the field.
    355 views dorkyrocker
  • First Things | 10/10/2004 | Wesley J. Smith
    I just returned from two weeks touring the People’s Republic of China. The Great Wall, 2,200-year-old Terracotta Warriors, the Forbidden City—what an experience! The size of the place is...
    531 views shankay
  • The Blazing Center | 12/9/2016 | Staff
    Few verses provide greater comfort than this to me. I survey the landscape of my own life, of the lies I’ve told and the lies told to me and all the pain they’ve wrought and I am thankful that God...
    181 views gracey

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