• Church Stage Design Ideas | 1/3/2018 | Staff
    From Brandy: Our theme this year centered on ‘starlight.’ For our stage concept, we were thinking of star trails and shooting stars. We landed on hanging paracord from our stage battons and catwalk...
    242 views blockstyle
  • CT Women | 1/3/2018 | Staff
    For many of us, the New Year marks a time for reordering priorities and making personal improvements. Surveys suggest that nearly half of us make resolutions, primarily focused on health, finances,...
    445 views tiazanne
  • CT Women | 1/3/2018 | Staff
    For many of us, the New Year marks a time for reordering priorities and making personal improvements. Surveys suggest that nearly half of us make resolutions, primarily focused on health, finances,...
    762 views cyanbyte
  • | 1/3/2018 | Staff
    Many people tell me they don’t make resolutions, because they don’t work. They can’t seem to keep them. And, apparently it’s true. Every year I see the same reports telling us how many people don’t...
    418 views joseph76
  • Red Letter Christians | 1/3/2018 | Lee Ann Pomrenke
    When the angel of the Lord announces the plan for Mary to carry within her and birth Emmanuel, she questions, but ultimately agrees. Mary gave consent. So Mary does not need to say #MeToo, at least...
    332 views kimberly163
  • Rick Thomas | 4/1/2014 | Chris O'Donnell
    I’m not much of a planner. It’s true. I’ve often joked that I’m more a “fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants-kind-of- gal.” It turns out this isn’t such a good quality to have, especially when trying to...
    217 views lhumara
  • | 1/3/2018 | View all posts by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf →
    P: Our help is in the name of the Lord. R: Who made heaven and earth. P - O - Salt - Creature - God P: O salt, creature of God, I exorcise you by the living (+) God, by the true (+) God, by the holy...
    226 views kshama-s
  • The Heidelblog | 1/3/2018 | Staff
    Words are frequently learned aurally. After all, children learn their native language aurally until they learn to read. Even after we learn to read, however, we continue to collect new words through...
    704 views Pink_sakuragirl
  • Think Christian | 1/3/2018 | Staff
    Coco reminds us that there's a difference between fulfilling our calling and personal fulfillment. Coco tells the story of Miguel Rivera, a talented young guitar player who dreams of becoming a...
    406 views Lord
  • | 1/3/2018 | View all posts by Fr. John Zuhlsdorf →
    "The great Father Zed, Archiblogopoios" - Fr. John Hunwicke "Some 2 bit novus ordo cleric" - Anonymous Rev - John - Zuhlsdorf - Blogger - Fights "Rev. John Zuhlsdorf, a traditionalist blogger who...
    673 views cute16
  • | 1/3/2018 | Theresa Mazza
    Even though you’re still knee-deep in post-holiday exhaustion, resist the temptation to put caring for teenagers on the back burner. Remember what this time of year represents for them: the halfway...
    237 views lukea
  • Parishable Items | 1/3/2018 | Staff
    In Greek, the name “Jesus” is spelled “ΙΗΣΟΥΣ.” These first three Greek letters were Latinized into “IHS,” forming a symbol for the Holy Name of Jesus. There is something surprising you probably...
    471 views shardonay
  • | 1/3/2018 | Scott Larson
    When you understand the barriers to change in your ministry environment, and why resistance to change is the top complaint among church leaders, you can overcome the challenges and become a catalyst.
    503 views gracey_single
  • The Stream | 1/1/2018 | David Mills
    I’ve never made a New Year’s resolution and I never will. ‘Cause let’s face it. They don’t last. Look at the way gym memberships spike every January and then dive in February.
    445 views max1
  • | 1/3/2018 | Rick Lawrence
    Recently my teenage daughter Lucy and three of her friends completed a six-minute documentary exploring the worldwide human-trafficking problem, then submitted it for a school assignment.
    556 views reantes
  • Anxious Bench | 1/4/2018 | Staff
    Transitions of power within the LDS Church are not very exciting. When the church president dies, the longest-serving member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles succeeds him.
    365 views jollyjetta
  • SBC Today | 1/4/2018 | Staff
    Editor’s Note: This article originally appeared at Theological Matters and is used by permission. The people of God need to pray, we ought to pray, we MUST pray.
    443 views bluelilly
  • Denver Catholic | 1/3/2018 | Staff
    Our lives should be oriented to the things that are most important. And the thing that is most important, that is guaranteed to make you happy, is to give of yourself. We forget about that.
    422 views hoppers911
  • The Aquila Report | 1/4/2018 | Staff
    One of the best ways to learn what Jesus believed about the Bible is to observe how Jesus used the Bible in his earthly life and ministry. In John 10 Jesus is engaged in a heated exchange with a...
    318 views Emzah92

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