• Editorial | 2/24/2017 | Staff
    This rubber band maching gun isn't lethal, but it is impressive!  The only problem might be in reloading the rubber bands!  The inventor of the gun is called Alex Shpetniy and has a video of his...
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  • Editorial | 2/24/2017 | Staff
    This clever dog stands very still in the water with his head near some floating bread crumbs.  There is no need to get out a fishing pole when you have this dog around!  When a fish comes to the...
    1.3K views lr_news
  • Editorial | 2/24/2017 | Staff
    A grandmother decided to use a slinky to deter squirrels from her bird feeder!  Squirrels are known for their cleverness in foiling such efforts to keep them away from the feeder, but the slinky...
    1.1K views lr_news
  • Editorial | 2/20/2017 | Staff
    Most people think that all turtles are slow perhaps because of the tortoise and the hare story.  Tortoises are very slow, but turtles are speed demons!   Here is another turtle making a fast...
    999 views kring
  • Editorial | 2/20/2017 | Staff
    This incredible bubble almost looks like an alien creature coming to devour people on the beach.  Giant bubble making is a fun hobby!  There are instructions on how to learn this special technique...
    793 views kring
  • Editorial | 2/20/2017 | Staff
    This unusual vehicle that looks something like a cross between a tricycle and a spider is drawing attention as it is peddled along by the rider!  
    844 views kring
  • Editorial | 2/2/2017 | Staff
    This fight between a praying mantis and a man hardly looks fair, but the praying mantis is game and puts up a good fight!  Go Mantis!
    1.5K views kring
  • Editorial | 1/31/2017 | Staff
    The material that this pillow is made from has the ability to change color depending on which way the fibers are brushed!  
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  • Editorial | 1/31/2017 | Staff
    This piece of equipment can be controlled and balanced so precisely that it can even roll on a pipe!  Impressive!
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  • Editorial | 1/28/2017 | Staff
    Using a chainsaw to pull yourself across the ice is a great way to save energy when skating over long distances, but it is a bit loud.  Anyway, it seems that the idea is catching as you can see in...
    1.8K views kring
  • Editorial | 1/25/2017 | Staff
    Imagine your fish being able to drive around the house in its aquarium.  This amazing tank made by a design lab in the Netherlands has built an RC aquarium on wheels that is driven by its occupant,...
    1.1K views Goobee
  • Editorial | 1/25/2017 | Staff
    This toucan is really enjoying his fruit loops, so does this mean there is truth in advertising?  We need to test this out.  Do tigers really think Frosted Flakes are great?  And do bunnies really...
    1.5K views Goobee
  • Editorial | 1/24/2017 | Staff
    When your kitty gets on the ping pong table while you are trying to play ping pong by yourself with an auto-return machine, don't be too hasty on chasing them off, you just might be booting a...
    1.2K views Goobee
  • Editorial | 1/20/2017 | Staff
    Here we go 'round the mulberry tree...  This isn't something you see every day, these turkeys are evenly spaced following each other endlessly around this tree.
    1.7K views Goobee
  • Editorial | 1/20/2017 | Staff
    This is the greatest thing for both people who want to look at fish in a pond and fish that want to look at the world from a more elevated perspective!  A great addition to a backyard pond! Here is...
    1.2K views Goobee
  • Editorial | 1/19/2017 | Staff
    This dog sees its owner making a snow angel and gets all excited about trying it, too!  
    972 views kring
  • Editorial | 1/17/2017 | Staff
    This video recorded at AllStars Sports Bar, Bristol, UK, is an amazing feat that clearly took quite an effort to set up.  
    1.4K views kring
  • Editorial | 1/13/2017 | Staff
    This device which demonstrates Newton's law of conservation of momentum and energy was named after Sir Isaac Newton.  It uses a series of swinging spheres which in this case change color according...
    818 views Goobee

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