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  • The Bachelor's Cassie Randolph Shares Her 7 Fall Fashion Must-Haves

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    It's sweater weather somewhere!

    Fall - Time - Look - Season - Case

    Fall is the perfect time to change your look up for a new season. And in case you were in need of some inspo, look no further than The Bachelor's Cassie Randolph.

    The reality TV star recently celebrated the launch of ASTR the Label's Pop-Up store at The Grove in Los Angeles, where she couldn't help but celebrate a new season of fashion. "I'm probably most excited to cozy up in comfy...
  • A man is being sued after leaving a one-star review on a BigFoot tourist attraction

    Randy Winchester visited Bigfoot Fun Park for a business meeting in March 2018. When he got home, he wrote a three-star review on TripAdvisor.

    Winchester alleges that someone claiming to be a Bigfoot Fun Park owner subsequently harassed him, his daughter, and the tour group organizer that took him to the park via phone and email.

    Bigfoot - Strip - Company - Bigfoot - Fun

    Bigfoot on the Strip — the company behind Bigfoot Fun Park — denies these claims and is suing the Winchesters for libel over the negative review.

    When Randy Winchester and his daughter Emily visited the Bigfoot Fun Park in March 2018, they probably weren't expecting to find themselves in the middle of a lawsuit.

    Father - Daughter - Farm - Highland - Cattle

    The father and daughter run a farm together that includes Scottish Highland cattle — the same breed of which the Bigfoot Fun Park in Branson, Missouri, boasts the largest herd in the Midwest.

    The two were at the park to attend a meeting of the Heartland Highland Cattle Association. That's when they took a tour of the park with some of the other people attending the meeting.

    Randy - Winchester - Review - TripAdvisor

    Then Randy Winchester wrote a review on TripAdvisor.

    Afterward, he went online and wrote a three-star review on TripAdvisor.

    Bigfoot - Safari - Tour - Part - Group

    "We did the Bigfoot Safari tour as part of a large group," the review reads. "The $10 price tag is about right for what we got. Basically a tour through some pretty rugged country on some pretty narrow roads. They promote the fact they have the largest herd of Highland cows in the Midwest. You spend about 5-10 minutes feeding them range cubes at the beginning of the tour, and see maybe 10 of the cows. Then it's off into the hills you go with a guide telling some pretty fanciful tales along the way. All in all a decent experience but had we paid more than the $10 I would have...
  • Mueller, FBI face crisis in public confidence

    Sixty-three percent of all voters believe that the FBI has been resisting providing information to Congress on the Clinton and Trump investigations. This is a remarkable finding for an agency whose new head said a few days ago that the agency was in fine shape. No, it isn’t.

    Fifty-four percent say that special counsel Robert Mueller has conflicts of interest that prevent him from doing an unbiased job, also according to this month’s Harvard-Harris Poll. So, given this finding, the silence from the special counsel on the subject has become downright deafening.

    Findings - Operation - Objectivity - Partisanship - Trump

    These are significant findings about a operation that was supposed to bring more objectivity and less partisanship to the Trump Russia investigation. Clearly these numbers indicate that there is a crisis in public confidence in both the FBI and Mueller. What makes these findings important is that, with Trump’s approval rating at 41 percent, these results include large numbers of voters who don’t like Trump yet who now agree that these investigations have veered off course.

    After this poll was conducted, we learned that rogue agent Peter Strzok and his paramour, Lisa Page, both high-ranking members of the Mueller task force, discussed during the campaign how, in case Trump won, that they were developing, along with deputy FBI director Andrew McCabe, what Strzok called an “insurance policy.” I can’t even imagine how badly these new facts will poll next month.

    Polling - November - Percent - Funding - GPS

    Our polling in November showed that 61 percent say that the funding of the salacious GPS Fusion document should be investigated. Fifty-eight percent say that if Hillary Clinton and the Democrats funded the work, that it could not be used by law enforcement. While this seems obvious to the public, Congress has not been able to get the answer to the question of just how this dossier was used and whether the...
  • Joy Reid SLANDERS Christians, Calls Their Beliefs ‘Something Out Of A Novel’

    While discussing President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Joy Reid lashed out at Christians, calling their beliefs “something out of a novel.”

    Watch the video:...
  • Amazon drivers forced to deliver 200 parcels a day with no time for toilet breaks while earning less than minimum wage

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    Drivers are being asked to deliver up to 200 parcels a day for Amazon while earning less than the minimum wage, a Sunday Mirror investigation reveals today.

    Van - Day - Driver - Experience - Pressures

    I hopped in a white van to spend a day with one driver and experience first-hand the intolerable pressures they face from “impossible” schedules.

    Many routinely exceed the legal maximum shift of 11 hours and finish their days dead on their feet.

    Time - Food - Toilet - Stops - Meals

    Yet they have so little time for food or toilet stops they snatch hurried meals on the run and urinate into plastic bottles they keep in their vans.

    They say they often break speed limits to meet targets that take no account of delays such as ice, traffic jams or road closures.

    Drivers - Amazon - Deliveries - Bags - Speed

    Drivers making Amazon deliveries 'forced to poo in bags and break speed limits to meet targets'

    Many claim they are employed in a way that means they have no rights to holiday or sickness pay.

    Home - £160 - Week - Conditions - Lawyer

    And some say they take home as little as £160 for a five-day week amid conditions described by one lawyer as “almost Dickensian”.

    Our expose comes three weeks after a Sunday Mirror undercover probe highlighted life inside Amazon’s biggest European packing plant.

    Driving - Vehicle - Standards - Agency - Drivers

    Now the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency has vowed to investigate after drivers contacted them to complain about conditions.

    And a legal firm which led the case against taxi giant Uber is also representing seven drivers who say agencies used by Amazon are mistreating them.

    Factory - Workers - Christmas - Hours - Overtime

    Factory workers making must-have Christmas toys 'driven to suicide after working up to 110 hours' overtime a month'

    One solicitor last night branded the drivers’ plight “horrendous”.

    Delivery - Giant - £7 - Year - Army

    The delivery giant, which makes £7.3billion a year, does not employ them directly but uses an army of agencies instead. These agencies recruit drivers who work via an Amazon app and follow a delivery route set by the company.

    Yet many...
  • Egypt's Coptic pope shuns US VP Mike Pence over Jerusalem

    In a statement released on Saturday, the Coptic Church said it "excused itself from hosting Mike Pence" when he visits Egypt, citing US President Donald Trump's decision made "at an unsuitable time and without consideration for the feelings of millions of people."

    Egypt's Coptic Church said it would pray for "wisdom and to address all issues that impact peace for the people of the Middle East."

    Decision - Day - Egypt - Muslim - Cleric

    The decision comes a day after Egypt's top Muslim cleric Ahmed al-Tayeb also refused to meet Pence.

    Egyptian Coptic Christians, the largest religious minority in the region, make up about 10 percent of the country's 93 million people.

    Coptic - Pope - Refusal - Pence - Solidarity

    The Coptic Pope's refusal to host Pence is largely symbolic but significant, because it demonstrates the Arab solidarity for Palestinians irrespective of religious affiliations.

    Trump's decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem has not only been criticized by Muslim countries; Germany, China and Russia are among scores of nations that have slammed the US president over the policy U-turn.

    Status - Jerusalem - Block - Peace - Negotiations

    The status of Jerusalem was a key stumbling block during previous peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians, in particular the question of how to divide sovereignty and oversee holy sites.

    Read more:

    Israel - Regards - Jerusalem - Capital - Majority

    While Israel regards Jerusalem as its capital, a majority of the international community rejects that claim, saying the city's status should be settled in peace talks with the Palestinians.

    US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said Saturday it would take several years before the US opens an embassy in Jerusalem.

    Old - Testament - David - King - Kingdoms

    According to the Old Testament, David, king of the two partial kingdoms of Judah and Israel, conquered Jerusalem from the Jebusites around 1000 BC. He moved his seat of government to Jerusalem, making it the capital and religious center of his kingdom. The Bible says David's son Solomon built the first temple for Yahweh, the God of Israel. Jerusalem became the center of Judaism.

  • O.J.’s Lawyer Goes Off on TMZ Founder and His ‘Exploited Child Labor Staff’ After Vegas Report

    O.J. Simpson‘s attorney Malcolm LaVergne is teeing off on TMZ after the gossip site published a report that the former NFL star, who was recently released from prison, was drunk and unruly at a Las Vegas hotel bar. LaVergne insists that the report is false, although he confirmed the part about Simpson being banned from returning to the Cosmopolitan hotel.

    The attorney also noted that the hotel said the TMZ report was inaccurate. Indeed, a hotel source had told...
  • Donna Brazile States Hillary Clinton Campaign Had FULL CONTROL Of All Finances In The DNC

    Donna Brazile throwing everyone under the bus, especially Debbie Wasserman Schultz. This is amazing! Maybe now more people will realize the DNC is a corrupt criminal organization that is similar to the Mafia. The DOJ needs to use RICO statutes to prosecute them now.

    From The Politico:

    Democratic - Party - Russians - Emails - Truth

    When I was asked to run the Democratic Party after the Russians hacked our emails, I stumbled onto a shocking truth about the Clinton campaign.

    Before I called Bernie Sanders, I lit a candle in my living room and put on some gospel music. I wanted to center myself for what I knew would be an emotional phone call.

    Bernie - Helm - National - Committee - Convention

    I had promised Bernie when I took the helm of the Democratic National Committee after the convention that I would get to the bottom of whether Hillary Clinton’s team had rigged the nomination process, as a cache of emails stolen by Russian hackers and posted online had suggested. I’d had my suspicions from the moment I walked in the door of the DNC a month or so earlier, based on the leaked emails. But who knew if some of them might...
  • Netflix Announces House of Cards to End Amid Kevin Spacey Scandal

    Political thriller House of Cards is ending its six-year term on Netflix, The Hollywood Reporter says.

    The upcoming sixth season of House of Cards was already rumored to be its last. After critical praise in its early seasons, the show hasn't attracted the same quality of reviews in recent years. Questions about its future have been asked since Season 4 when creator Beau Willimon departed, but Netflix continued the series for two more seasons.

    House - Cards - Netflix - Map - Juggernaut

    House of Cards was instrumental in putting Netflix on the map and making it the juggernaut it is today, attracting big name talent in star Kevin Spacey and director/producer David Fincher to the streaming network at a time when streaming television was still in its infancy. The show's lavish budget would also signal Netflix's seriousness in pioneering the development of online television, one that has ballooned into projections of an 8 billion dollar budget for...
  • Kim Zolciak to NeNe Leakes: I'll Sue You for Calling Me Racist, and You Do Have Roaches!!!

    Kim Zolciak is threatening to sue NeNe Leakes for millions of dollars unless she immediately apologizes for calling her and her daughter Brielle racists and KKK members.

    Kim hired Allison Hart at high-powered law firm Lavely & Singer, and it didn't take long for them to fire off a super-threatening demand letter.

    Letter - Video - Brielle - Shot - Roaches

    The letter was triggered by a video Brielle shot which appears to show roaches crawling on NeNe's bathroom floor.

    The letter, obtained by TMZ, references some choice comments NeNe made on social media, including, "Kim & her child did something very wrong & disgusting! Black people and roaches in the same sentence don't work for me boo." She then went on to call Brielle "#racisttrash" and "#KKK," adding, "Kim & her daughter oops whole family are racists!"

    Letter - Statements

    The letter calls the statements "outrageous and...