Brazil’s Bolsonaro gets blamed for same Amazon fires also plaguing socialist Bolivia – But Media Ignores!
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Climate Depot | 8/24/2019 | Marc Morano

The left is doing its level best to blame Brazil’s bush fires on Brazil’s conservative, Trump-like president, Jair Bolsonaro, and get him thrown out of office.

Things are bad for him – the fires are affecting air quality in states that are his political base, and they’re concentrated not in the actual rainforest, but in areas of developed farmland, something Bolsonaro’s encouraged to bring some kind of prosperity to Brazil’s flyover.

Press - European - Union - Eurochickens - G-7

It’s drawn tremendous negative press on him, and set European Union’s eurochickens clucking, vowing at the G-7 to cut off trade with Brazil to pin those fires on Bolsonaro instead of the weather. Brazil doesn’t deserve that, but these people are shameless.

Democrats, back in the states, are doing it, too. Here’s one who wants to suspend all funding to Brazil until the fires (which Brazil is fighting) are under control.

Kamala - Harris - Screed

Kamala Harris is onboard, as well, tweeting this anti-Bolsonaro screed:

As the Amazon burns, Brazil’s Trump-like President who let loggers and miners destroy the land isn’t acting. Trump must not seek a trade deal with Brazil until Bolsonaro reverses his catastrophic policies and addresses the fires. We need American leadership to save our planet.

Mind - Fires - Range - Fires - Areas

Never mind that the fires are within the range of fires that normally occur in dry areas during droughts. Brazil’s fires, while they need attention, are in fact little different from the wildfires seen in Harris’s own California, or for that matter, Spain or Australia. They’re a function of the place’s natural climate. Yet the euro-left has dancing visions about Brazil being the rainforest lungs of the world under great global catastrophe unless they can turn Brazil into a nature reserve to their liking, and of course to bring Bolsonaro to heel.

Look at this nonsense reported to a largely European readership from The Guardian:

Rio - Janeiro - Couple

In Rio de Janeiro, a couple of...
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