‘The Terror: Infamy’ Uses Japanese Ghost Stories Like ‘Get Out’ Uses Horror to Reflect America

IndieWire | 8/20/2019 | Staff
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Jordan Peele’s groundbreaking 2017 film “Get Out” uses horror tropes to highlight the real-life gruesomeness of racism in America. And although “The Terror: Infamy” wasn’t directly inspired by that film, showrunner Alexander Woo acknowledges that viewers might deem the projects similar.

“I think it’s not an unfair comparison. ‘Get Out’ is a terrific movie… I think it does make you feel — if you are not — like someone who is a black person surrounded by a bunch of white people,” said Woo. “For only two hours, you get a sense of the isolation and the alienation you might feel.”

AMC - Terror - Infamy - Period - Drama

AMC’s “The Terror: Infamy” is a period drama that tells the WWII story of Japanese American internment through the lens of Japanese horror, specifically, the Japanese ghost stories known as kaidan.

Derek Mio and George Takei Mine Personal Family History for 'The Terror: Infamy'

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“We’re hopefully trying to accomplish something very similar: that you’re inside the shoes or inside the skin of the people who lived 70, 75 years ago. We’re telling the story of a very underserved piece of American history using the vocabulary of the Japanese-style horror as an analog for the terror of the actual historical event,” said Woo.

“I don’t want the audience to feel removed from the events that are happening on screen. What a horror movie or horror series does is it makes you feel viscerally in the shoes of the person whose trapped in the house or the person who’s running away from the monster or whatever it is,” he continued. “So we’re using that style, that language, to make you really feel how terrifying the experience of the Japanese Americans who lived through this terrible experience — how it really was.”

Kiki - Sukezane - Derek - Mio - Terror

Kiki Sukezane and Derek Mio, “The Terror: Infamy”

The kaidan, sometimes transliterated as kwaidan, is a specific type...
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