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  • Study suggests ice on lunar south pole may have more than one source

    The discovery of ice deposits in craters scattered across the Moon's south pole has helped to renew interest in exploring the lunar surface, but no one is sure exactly when or how that ice got there. A new study published in the journal Icarus suggests that while a majority of those deposits are likely billions of years old, some may be much more recent.

    Ariel Deutsch, a graduate student in Brown University's Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences and the study's lead author, says that constraining the ages of the deposits is important both for basic science and for future lunar explorers who might make use of that ice for fuel and other purposes.

    Ages - Deposits - Something - Origin - Ice

    "The ages of these deposits can potentially tell us something about the origin of the ice, which helps us understand the sources and distribution of water in the inner solar system," Deutsch said. "For exploration purposes, we need to understand the lateral and vertical distributions of these deposits to figure out how best to access them. These distributions evolve with time, so having an idea of the age is important."

    For the study, Deutsch worked with Jim Head, a professor at Brown, and Gregory Neumann from the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. Using data from NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which has been orbiting the Moon since 2009, the researchers looked at the ages of the large craters in which evidence for south pole ice deposits was found. To date the craters, researchers count the number of smaller craters that have accrued inside the larger ones. Scientists have an approximate idea of the pace of impacts over time, so counting craters can help establish the ages of terrains.

    Majority - Ice - Deposits - Craters - Years

    The majority of the reported ice deposits are found within large craters formed about 3.1 billion years or longer ago, the study...
  • Michigan State U bans mustaches, sombreros, aliens in orange suits, Mexicans, Japanese, ‘hypersexualized racism’ for Halloween

    Students at Michigan State University are getting an education in how they can avoid offending people with culturally inappropriate Halloween costumes in what’s becoming a new tradition that undermines the university’s own identity.

    The unsolicited advice on what to wear on fright night appeared on message boards in campus residences this week to help students answer the question “Is your Halloween costume racist?” according to The Morning Watch, the school’s conservative news site.

    Reminder - MSU - Residence - Education - Housing

    What’s become an annual reminder from MSU’s Residence Education and Housing Services spells out the difference between “cultural appropriation vs. appreciation.” When students are selecting a Halloween costume, REHS wants them to ask themselves, “do you belong to that group of people?”

    If the answer is “no,” then it’s racist, according to MSU officials.

    Get-up - Peoples - Elements - Sake - REHS

    It doesn’t matter if the get-up is humorous or sexy, because it’s offensive to use “those peoples’ human elements … for the sake of bringing us laughter or making us feel more exotic,” REHS advises.

    “These are people’s lives … they are not stereotypes,” according to the posters. “They can’t take off a costume.”

    Someone - Costume - MSU - Questions - Morning

    “How would you like it if someone turned you into a costume?” MSU questions, according to The Morning Watch.

    It’s the third year MSU officials pushed the program on students in the weeks ahead of Halloween.

    Boards - Examples - Racism - Women - Piece

    The boards offer numerous examples of “hypersexualized racism,” like women in two piece Native American costumes, as well as other “costume fails” depicting Mexican and Japanese...
  • How to Create an Email Group and Distribution List in Outlook

    Sending emails to a group is more common in both our business and personal lives. You may use groups for your project team at work and your immediate family members at home. Creating an email group for a distribution list in Microsoft Outlook can save you a lot of time.

    Once the group is set up, you can just pop it into the email and contact several people with a single message. If you’ve never done this before, we’re here to help. Here’s how to create a group in Outlook for both Windows and Mac.

    Difference - Contact - Group - List - Group

    There really is no difference between a contact group, contact list, email group, or distribution list when talking about Microsoft Outlook. The terms are used interchangeably.

    As a matter of fact, the Microsoft Office support site now offers up the term “Contact Group” as opposed to “Distribution List”:

    Outlook - Application - Terms - Contact - Group

    The Outlook application itself uses the terms Contact Group (Windows) and Contact List (Mac) on its ribbon, in its menus, and in its support documents. So, as we move through the steps below, those are the phrases you’ll see most often.

    And before you move onto the steps, if you need help exporting your Outlook contacts at some point, check out our guide.

    Outlook - Contacts

    How to Export Outlook Contacts to Anywhere

    Do you need to export your Outlook contacts and are not sure where to begin? We show you how to export from Outlook and import in your destination.

    Outlook - Windows - Computer - Contact - Group

    Open Outlook on your Windows computer and prepare to create your contact group.

    Select People from the bottom left of the Outlook window.

    Click - New - Contact - Group - Ribbon

    Click New Contact Group from the ribbon.

    Give your group a name.

    New - Items - > - More - Items

    You can also select New Items > More Items > Contact Group from Home tab menu.

    To add contacts to your group, click Add Members from the ribbon. You can add members from your Outlook contacts...
  • The Bachelor's Cassie Randolph Shares Her 7 Fall Fashion Must-Haves

    We love these products, and we hope you do too. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a small share of the revenue from your purchases. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!

    It's sweater weather somewhere!

    Fall - Time - Look - Season - Case

    Fall is the perfect time to change your look up for a new season. And in case you were in need of some inspo, look no further than The Bachelor's Cassie Randolph.

    The reality TV star recently celebrated the launch of ASTR the Label's Pop-Up store at The Grove in Los Angeles, where she couldn't help but celebrate a new season of fashion. "I'm probably most excited to cozy up in comfy...
  • Ryan Reynolds looks dapper in blue jacket and brown dress shoes as he heads to Good Morning America

    Ryan Reynolds waved as he walked into the Good Morning America studios in New York this morning.

    The 42-year-old actor is on a round of promotional visits to discuss his new movie, Detective Pikachu.

    Husband - Blake - Lively - Dress - Shirt

    The husband of Blake Lively wore a playful blue dress shirt that matched his playful personality for the occasion.

    The Deadpool actor paired the patterned shirt with a blue varsity jacket, grey dress pants and brown dress shoes.

    Smile - Face - Watch - Wrist

    He wore a smile on his face and a watch on his wrist.

    The Canadian-American is using all his resources to get out the word about the new fantasy mystery film.

    Instagram - Share - Clips - Video - Roll

    He took to Instagram to share a few clips and a video of how he prepares for the roll, drawing black dots all over his face while joking that you, too can be Detective Pikachu.

    'The last thing you want to do [to get ready for the role] is send your face to an Oscar winning visual effects company...
  • Young Pro-Life Activist Dismantles Major Abortion Argument in Matter of Minutes

    A young pro-life activist completely destroyed the major abortion arguments during a hearing on Rhode Island’s late-term abortion bill.

    Following the left’s recent trend toward infanticide, Democrats in Rhode Island are preparing to pass Senate Bill 152, a horrifying bill which would legalize abortion up to moments before the baby’s birth.

    Matthew - Thomas - Foster - Week - Hearing

    And as Matthew Thomas Foster pointed out at last week’s hearing, the Rhode Island bill is eerily similar to the equally horrifying bill passed in New York and bills proposed in Vermont and New Mexico.

    “I found it to be uncanny parallel political thinking when three states can introduce a very similar bill within the span of two months directly after a midterm election,” he said, according to

    Foster - Rhode - Island - Democrats - Bill

    Foster also slammed Rhode Island Democrats for keeping quiet about the bill while they were running for office in the midterm election.

    “I followed the midterms pretty thoroughly and I didn’t see a single person talk about this bill in the midterms. This bill was not ran on,” he said.

    Left - Points - Abortion - Idea - Men

    He also went after one of the left’s favorite talking points when it comes to abortion — the idea that men need to “shut up” about their opinions on abortion.

    “Men are told that we can’t talk. That when the children are dying, that when we see these things happening, we have to sit down and be quiet,” Foster said.

    Foster - Arguments

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    He explained that people always question why nobody spoke up when tragedies in history happened, and people will look back at the barbaric practice of abortion in the same way.

    Gumption - Civilizations

    “Yet, we have the same gumption to look back into civilizations that commit...

    I attended the March for Life last week but saw nothing of the episode that seems to have come to define it in the public mind: the alleged altercation between the students from Covington Catholic High School and a Native American war veteran. Those who heard only the first draft of the story—concocted on the basis of a slickly edited video on Twitter—are left with the impression that the students wearing MAGA caps assailed this sexagenarian hero and subjected him to abuse. Those few who viewed the full video know that something close to the opposite occurred. Most of the media outlets who ran with the initial version appear to have been too busy to catch up with the correction, so the Twitter mob that sought to destroy those boys and all belonging to them—and forced an apology from the boys’ teachers and diocese before the truth emerged—got to decide the tone and meaning of the March for Life in the minds of most of those who took in anything at all about it.

    The problem indicates an absence of adulthood: Nobody is capable of summoning up the courage and authority to clap his hands and shout “Stop!” as evils are perpetrated in plain sight. Of course, the episode also confirms something we ought to have absorbed years ago: that Twitter is a vile, decivilizing instrument. In the not too distant future, should there be any sane and sentient adults capable of sifting through the ashes of the one-time Christian West, they will almost certainly conclude that it was Twitter, the generator of vile and hateful mobs, wot dunnit. Yet we watch with no more than a shrug as each new low finds its place at the bottom.

    Ireland - Abortion - Days - Year

    Coming from Ireland (where abortion was declared legal just days beforehand, following last year’s...
  • Shine it Out

    Robin Lear from Calvary Church in Dover, Delaware brings us this cool signage piece for their stage.

    From Robin: This design was created for a new sermon series, Jesus First. I wanted something simple yet visually powerful. I created it first on photoshop to work out the proportions for our 20x40ft stage. I projected the letters onto 1/4″ birch luan, then cut them out with a jig saw and painted them white. We mounted them on 2 4×8 1/2″ plywood that was...
  • A man is being sued after leaving a one-star review on a BigFoot tourist attraction

    Randy Winchester visited Bigfoot Fun Park for a business meeting in March 2018. When he got home, he wrote a three-star review on TripAdvisor.

    Winchester alleges that someone claiming to be a Bigfoot Fun Park owner subsequently harassed him, his daughter, and the tour group organizer that took him to the park via phone and email.

    Bigfoot - Strip - Company - Bigfoot - Fun

    Bigfoot on the Strip — the company behind Bigfoot Fun Park — denies these claims and is suing the Winchesters for libel over the negative review.

    When Randy Winchester and his daughter Emily visited the Bigfoot Fun Park in March 2018, they probably weren't expecting to find themselves in the middle of a lawsuit.

    Father - Daughter - Farm - Highland - Cattle

    The father and daughter run a farm together that includes Scottish Highland cattle — the same breed of which the Bigfoot Fun Park in Branson, Missouri, boasts the largest herd in the Midwest.

    The two were at the park to attend a meeting of the Heartland Highland Cattle Association. That's when they took a tour of the park with some of the other people attending the meeting.

    Randy - Winchester - Review - TripAdvisor

    Then Randy Winchester wrote a review on TripAdvisor.

    Afterward, he went online and wrote a three-star review on TripAdvisor.

    Bigfoot - Safari - Tour - Part - Group

    "We did the Bigfoot Safari tour as part of a large group," the review reads. "The $10 price tag is about right for what we got. Basically a tour through some pretty rugged country on some pretty narrow roads. They promote the fact they have the largest herd of Highland cows in the Midwest. You spend about 5-10 minutes feeding them range cubes at the beginning of the tour, and see maybe 10 of the cows. Then it's off into the hills you go with a guide telling some pretty fanciful tales along the way. All in all a decent experience but had we paid more than the $10 I would have...
  • Donald Trump Mocks Vanity Fair, Anna Wintour for Apology to Hillary Clinton

    President Donald Trump took time off from his Christmas vacation to mock Vanity Fair magazine after the publication apologized for a video mocking Hillary Clinton.

    “Vanity Fair, which looks like it is on its last legs, is bending over backwards in apologizing for the minor hit they took at Crooked H,” Trump wrote on Twitter.

    Trump - Video - Vanity - Fair - Clinton

    Trump was referring to a video published by Vanity Fair that urged Clinton to “take up a new hobby in the New Year” to keep her from running for office, including volunteer work, knitting, or improv comedy.

    Vanity Fair apologized for the video after it caused backlash on social media.

    Attempt - Humor - Mark - Publication

    “It was an attempt at humor and we regret that it missed the mark,” the publication said.

    Trump also mocked Condé Nast creative director Anna Winter for “begging for forgiveness” from Clinton. Condé Nast owns Vanity Fair and Vogue.

    Wintour - Trump - Set - Ambassador - United

    Wintour, according to Trump, was “all set” to become the ambassador to the United Kingdom after her overwhelming financial support for Hillary Clinton. Wintour is also the editor of Vogue, which featured glowing profile spreads of Clinton.

    Trump said that Wintour was “beside herself in grief & begging for forgiveness” in response to the Clinton video.


    The president sent his...